Tremendum Pictures offers a wide variety of audio/visual media and print services. We can shoot, edit, or design it. Whatever your video or marketing needs, Tremendum has a high-def, high-quality, innovative solution. At Tremendum Pictures our goal is to help our clients achieve a world-class video on a local budget.

Film production – Tremendum Pictures is a full service production studio with multiple feature/short films in various stages of production. Our team specializes in writing, directing and editing narrative storytelling with focus on creativity and marketing capabilities. We offer a range of services to take your film to the next stage of production including; creative development, scriptwriting, location scouting, High-Definition Production, promotional trailers, editing, graphics, color correction, sound design, web compression and DVD authoring.

Internet Marketing Videos – Whether you’re an artist or business… today’s biggest audience is typically online. Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube are all tools to launch your brand WITH the right creative content. We believe strongly in the power of viral internet marketing and creating high-quality videos to generate buzz for your business, art, or cause; this includes music, instructional and corporate videos, presentations, seminars, and infomercials.

TV Commercials – TV commercials are still one of the top ways to gain exposure but are often difficult to fund. Tremendum believes in working with all available resources, and helping keep quality high and costs low for our clients.

Special Occasions/Weddings – There are those magical moments in life we don’t want to forget. Tremendum wants to make sure you never have to worry about remembering. With an exclusive video documenting your special occasion, you will have those precious memories captured in high quality cinema style video(s). Tremendum offers cinematic film services for weddings, graduations, award ceremonies, and other celebrations.

Filmmaking/acting Crash Courses – The Tremendum team loves to share knowledge and continue to grow by providing filmmaking/acting courses, demonstrations and presentations. Tremendum Pictures has had the pleasure of speaking with film/theater classes across the nation and is excited to help students learn and become engaged in making films and/or pursuing their acting dreams. We offer courses in editing, acting, and general filmmaking.

Print – Including; Flyers, brochures, posters, business cards, logo design, promotional/instructional material.